Packaging design for loose leaf tea


Today, eco-conscious packaging is on the rise. More and more companies are confronting the environmental impact of their products, and helping (read: benefiting from) the consumer’s desire to help tackle this. Sustainable, ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly brands are on the rise, with more people choosing these types of product over their rivals.

Compared to tea bags, loose leaf tea requires less processing and energy to prepare, reduced amounts of packaging (no bags!) and can be thrown directly on to the compost heap.

I’m a big fan of Twinings, however I can’t help but feel their packaging and branding could do with a little updating. So, to bring Twinings in to this market, I’ve developed their loose leaf tea packaging in two types; recyclable paper bags and tin boxes.



The packaging needs to appeal to it’s current buyers (think elegant, classic, something the Queen would approve of) yet be update for today’s younger, eco-conscious market.

The pattern is inspired by William Morris and illustrator extraordinaire, Aitch. I’ve combined floral elements with modern colours. Above are three varieties to choose from.


I felt it important to keep elements of the original Twinings packaging – their use of gold or curved text.

TIN_ONE BLUE_3_17.12.19


Developing the product line further, the colour of the tin reflects the flavour of the tea, making it easy to spot on a shelf.



I’ve used the same pattern on the paper pouches: left, medium size, middle, large size, right, small size. Similarly to the tin, the colour of the pattern reflects the flavour of the tea, for example orange hues for chai.

Paper Bag Packaging Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics

Before / After (Tin and Paper Pouch)