Self-directed project, re-imagining Roald Dahl’s fabulous
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


I’ve decided to change Charlie in to a girl – the name is gender neutral and I’m ALL ABOUT that female empowerment! Who run the world!


Charlie is from a low-income family, meaning hand-me-down clothes would suit her the best. So whilst there were a couple pretty designs, they just weren’t right for this character.

I wanted to reflect Charlie’s kind and adventurous personality in the clothing / features. To do this, I thought dungarees would match that playful side of her and a baggy top would reflect her relaxed personality. I later decided to add a patch to the dungarees to show that they have been broken and mended.

I also thought it would be a fun idea if Charlie decided to take her pet dog in to the factory with her, rather than her Grandpa. (after all, Grandpa Jo was a big faker!)



Charlie’s design finalised. I went for bright colours to help her pop as I know her environments at the start of the book will be rather grey and dreary – showing how out of place she is in school / her home town.